Do not Pull Out, This is the Safe Way to Eliminate Nose Hair

Eliminating nose hair has rules. You can't do it carelessly. Pulling out the wrong way will only hurt the inside of the nose, and can lead to infection. Nasal hair has an important role in filtering the air you breathe. With the nose hair, dust, small insects, bacteria and viruses in the air can be filtered properly so it does not enter the lungs. How to get rid of nose hair Although it has benefits, some people feel uncomfortable with nasal hair that is too long or out of the nose, because it can reduce self-confidence. Here are safe ways that can be taken in removing nose hair: Use special scissors The safest way to get rid of nose hair that comes out is to cut it using special scissors. Scissors for cutting nose hair have rounded and blunt edges so that they can facilitate the cutting process without injuring the skin around the nose. To do this, it is recommended to sit or stand in front of a mirror with bright lighting. Then clean the nose of the nasal dirt attached
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